Student Support

Becoming a student is not only an exciting time in a young person's life, it can also be a time of great stress and concern, and this is where utilising the available student support services comes into play.

Many people who become students are leaving home for the very first time, and out of the family unit and environment they can become distressed and disorientated, especially if they are not as confident as others.

The idea behind student support is that it is there to provide advice and support for young people who are embarking upon university or college life for the first time; being able to talk to an individual who is well versed in dealing with others problems is a great help, and student support covers many different aspects of the life of the student.

How can Student Support help me?

One area that is often troublesome is that of finance, and talking to the student support officers or staff on hand can be a great way of getting advice on what to do about late grants or how to choose the best bank account, everything in fact from getting part time jobs to money management and other areas of finance.

Also important is student accommodation, and again student support organisations will be able to help sort out any problems or concerns that you and your family may have with regard to finding suitable and sensible accommodation for the time to come.

Indeed, student support is a vital part of the network, and with a great number of universities and colleges across the country housing some hundreds of thousands of students there is often great demand for student support services.

If you feel that you need to engage student support in any way, shape or form you need to speak to your student union representative, for the union will be directly allied to the student support services that are available.

Each university will have its own student support network, and many of them are manned by mature or long term students who understand exactly the problems involved in leaving home and entering what is an entirely new and sometimes quite frightening environment that may well be completely alien to the individual concerned.

Indeed, so varied are the services offered by student support that they are very much an integral part of college life, and should not be overlooked in times of need.

It is an exciting time for a teenager to move away from home, a formative point in life at which much is learned and many things are to be considered, and yet with so much to take into account and so many different and new aspects of the world to count on and come to terms with student support is absolutely essential to each and every one.

Whether your requirement is for help with being homesick, managing your finances or finding accommodation it is worth getting to know your student support officers, for you never know when you may just need that someone to talk to.